European Innovation Academy 2016 - 10th - 29th of July, 2016 in Turin, Italy

In order for the students to get the most out of the Summer Program and for the EIA to see the known talent of your students we would like to suggest this year to be a pilot project. EIA has just received confirmation from Scoro (EIA 2013 Alumni) that they have managed to allocate grants for 40 this year’s IT students wishing to attend EIA 2016 as participants. Therefore, we would like to offer 3 complimentary tickets for Anahuac's IT students.

The accommodation and airfare are not included in the grant - maybe there is some budget allocated in the University to support the students or it could be entirely self-financed by the students.

EIA would also like to invite a faculty/staff member from Anahuac to observe the program during a period selected by them. EIA will give the observer free access to the program and the VIP networking events.

Together with a faculty member visiting and observing EIA2016, the students can give a comprehensive feedback from their experience which will be a great asset when evaluating the benefit of EIA for the students.

If you are keen on using the grants, please let us know by April 22.


Ms. Anet Kõrsmaa
Country Coordinator for Italy, European Innovation Academy